Saturday, March 10, 2018

emotional music : compile of life thoughts

some of my late night thoughts , i mixte two of my best music with adding some emotional editing . hope you enjoying it

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Is your mood changing rapidly or you are under a lot of stress? Do you want to get rid of all this negative thinking and feel better? The Hope app is here to help!

Hope is a fitness And health application which provides help-tools to manage your mood ..
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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Aurora Think About Sickness

sometime we are good and sometime we are bad ..

sometime we eat our favorite meal but sometimes we cant even imagine it ..

that is life always up and down . we  can not still at the same level .. oK now let me talk about what is sickness ?

in my world : been sick is been alive . why ?

feeling pain is one of the rules in the life everything has a opposite , if you laught today you will cry tomorrow 

if you make something wrong .... it will attract what is wrong to you  

but it is so beautiful to find somthing helps you in your daily life. for exemple, i have to take my medicines 3 times a day. but sometimes and when i have some works to do i forget to take it, i think Im not the only one :) im sure there is some one in your entourage that forget always to take his medicine the problem is that every time i return to the doctor and he repeats the therapy from the beginning. then he me that i have to buy a medicine reminder or anything alse to not skipping the medicine .. ok now i have to search for it . i thought that is not cool to buy a medicine reminder and take it with me where ever i go ... I told my friends about that and they advice me to find a simple app in my android phone and all will be fine .. i search in the app market about a reminders i did find some but i dont really enjoy working with some of them are complicated others has some bugs . than i contact the developer  of the app of yoga that i had already, he told me that he did develop a medicine reminder he send me the link i install it and i like it . so simple to use and very helpful . i write the name of my medicine and the time between the doses . when it is time the phone repeat the name utile i stop it . i was so shy in the beginning to hear the phone read the medicine name in public . so i dont like it and i contact the developer again . he advice me to right just a symbole for the medicine or anything alse that you can understand that is the medicine time and witch one . then i got the idea to call every medicine by a name like jack or marry ... i like it so much and i did not skip any dose utile now im progressing . that is the app if you need it Medecine reminder .


Sunday, November 17, 2013

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Dcc Model Trains

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Dcc Model Trains

Dcc Model Trains

Dcc Model Trains

Dcc Model Trains

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scam or The real Ideal ? 

With DCC you can have truly realistic operation without complex wiring. Your loco’s can run more smoothly, start easier, and operate at more prototypical top speeds with more pulling power. Truth is; your can easily program your loco’s to perform better than they ever did under the old DC system.

Tiny decoders can give you complete control over the loco speed, direction, lights and sounds. With just the press of a button you can operate your locomotives, the points and all your accessories with amazing effect!